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Descripción de la oferta

About White Hat Gaming

White Hat Gaming is a UK based gambling/gaming technology and services company.

What you already have:

  • Lots of experience administering Linux servers including
  • Experience configuring firewalls and other security tools
  • Some experience with the basics of database administration (installation, monitoring, backups etc.)
  • Some PHP coding experience. Some of our existing infrastructure is PHP scripts right now. You'll certainly be comfortable looking at code and perhaps finding and fixing the odd bug.
  • Some other programming language experience.
  • Experience using EC2 and other related AWS services
  • Good interpersonal skills and a great team attitude
  • The ability to quickly learn new things and adapt

What we'd like you to have in an ideal world:

  • Familiarity with the basic workings of JVM-based applications, both servlet containers and newer standalone systems like Play! or Spray.
  • Experience with distributed log collection such as ELK
  • Familiarity with automated testing including provisioning on-demand servers
  • Experience in administering PostgreSQL and/or MySQL databases

The job:

  • Helping administer our existing small collection of Linux servers. Over time that will become a larger collection of EC2 instances.
  • Helping look after our production Oracle + MySQL databases. In the future this will likely by PostgreSQL instead. We have a DBA but some cover is always useful.
  • Working with our developers to improve and automate all our testing, deployment and monitoring processes
  • Writing and maintaining a variety of scripts as required. Most existing scripts are in PHP.
  • Diagnosing and helping fix production issues
  • Providing 3rd line technical support for tickets raised by customers and clients
  • Not being phased by the strange variety of things that need doing in a small growing company
  • Being proactive and not just waiting to be told the next thing to do
  • Finding better ways that we can get things done

How we approach things:

  • A small company, can-do ethos
  • We focus on getting stuff done, not on process or management hierarchy
  • Working remotely but communicating regularly
  • A flexible working schedule
  • Training on the job